Howdy, I’m Casey.

I Help Teams Make Awesome Design Decisions!

I’m an experienced UI/UX Designer with a strong visual background. I lead teams in creating valuable solutions that align with your business model.


Who’s On First

Without a clear perspective of your customers’ experience, it is easy to be misaligned in your efforts. In this case study, I show how an onboarding tear-down paired with user research guided our team to a clear problem, allowing us to create better solutions.


What to do when all the rules change

I consider myself lucky that I grew up at a perfect time… in the 1980s when Legos were at their best (Pirate Ship ?‍☠️ anyone?). I’ll never forget that exciting feeling of destroying something I worked so hard on to make something completely different.

In a way, this case study is similar to that experience. It details what happened when both an acquisition and a partnership completely changed the rules of the game. This pivot was not only a technical challenge but also a cultural challenge. Just as much as the main experience of our product had to be reassessed, our new working relationships had to re-built too. This case study highlights the challenges and successes of working with what you already have, how it all fits together, and forging new relationships in the process.


Going Mobile

A modern antivirus solution with no mobile app? Time to fix that. This case study focuses on the thoughts and decisions that informed our UI, interactions, and animations while launching the MVP of our mobile application on iOS and Android.

Casey is a true pro! He holds deep knowledge in interaction, visual and UI design. He has shown great leadership skills on my team and has been such a joy to work with. His easy demeanor, great personality and expertise made him a valuable team member that everyone loved working with.

Haidy FrancisIBM Security Design Executive

Without question, Casey is the best product designer I've worked with. His ability to take input and feedback from many different stakeholders and develop designs from concept to wireframes, through prototyping and eventual shipping is so impressive. I learned so much from him about how to get to the core of what people are asking for and develop the best solution.

Mary Clare DavisDir. of Product management | Bound

Casey is an incredibly talented designer. Workflows and UI's are always well thought out and crucially focus on providing the best experience for a customer. There are few designers out there that can listen to all of the stakeholder's dreams and come up with an elegant design any engineer can agree with.

Derek DrummondSoftware Engineer | Cylance

Casey is an extremely talented visual & user experience designer & a pleasure to work with. His designs are top notch and had a significant and positive impact on the quality of solutions delivered to D&B customers. I highly recommend him as a great addition to any design team.

Craig MoserVP of Design & Usability at IBM
Casey Decker

Let's go make something great together.

When not designing, you can find me exploring trails and cities, reading (often listening to) books, exercising, denying that I am into photography, and most important, hanging out with my family.


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